Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Courtesy Notice Follow-up with the IRS

Department of Treasury                                                                     June17, 2013
Internal Revenue Service
1234 Baxter Ave.
Big City, CA 98888

Re: IRS Case Reference Number 9876543210, copy enclosed and
           Courtesy Notice TC-12345678 with Schedule A, copy enclosed 
Attention: Respondents A. Smith, Operations Manager and
           B. Jones, Field Director, Compliance Services 
Certified Mail Number: 7654 1234 0000 4321 1111

Dear A. Smith and B. Jones;

On June 11, 2013 I received, and signed for, a Certified letter from The IRS “ACS Support – Stop 813G” in Cincinnati, OH, that was generated by an automated collection system, indicating an account summary with an amount due listed as $94,519.27. I have referred that office to you at the Big City office for further clarification on this matter.

I am compelled to remind you that the terms and conditions contained in Courtesy Notice TC-12345678, state Respondents, acting in their individual and unlimited capacity, are held absolutely liable for any and all actions taken against Proponent on behalf of the foreclosed entity known as the IRS, and were notified as such by Principal Agent Doctrine per Certified Mail number:  7654 1234 0000 4321 1111.

Since the letter in question, case reference number 9876543210, was unsigned, came from a different office, and took no specific action other than to ask me to participate, which I decline, I am responding to you with this additional courtesy notice.

Be advised that any additional communications asking me to participate in your fraudulent program or any attempts to collect any alleged debt based on fraud will activate the terms and conditions within the Courtesy Notice TC-12345678, a lawfully binding contract, which has been entered into knowingly and willingly by both Respondents, listed above.

If such communications are received from any source within the IRS, Proponent will, at that time, issue invoices for three times the amount claimed, plus punitive damages as described in Schedule A, as the lawful remedy to be brought against each, and any future Respondents, pursuant to public policy UCC 1-305, which may include but is not limited to UCC Commercial Bill (Lien), against Respondent’s assets, and additional invoices may be issued based on any future actions taken.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

                                                                  By: _____________________________________
Jane-Quinn: Doe, Authorized Representative for
JANE Q DOE; Without Prejudice.

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