Monday, May 27, 2013

Musings of a Matriarch

For the past almost six thousand years, within this global patriarchal society in which we all live, women, for the most part, have been little more than chattel property of men, first her father's, then her husband's. Women have lived for millennium in indentured servitude to their men, without rights, without a voice and without influence in the greater community. Women may have only gained the right to vote a century ago, but if truth be told, men are really only in control for as long as women are doing as they're told.

It's clear to anyone paying attention these days that women can pretty much do anything men can do... but should they? Any woman who has worked in a competitive workplace with men knows she must be twice as good as the men just to be accepted as an equal. So the women who rise up the ladder of the Ol' Boy's Club are the biggest ol' boys of them all. Rather than adding a balancing effect of yin to yang, as the cool feminine is meant as a balm to the hot masculine, they tilt the scales further out of balance. How does it benefit a society by having women doing manly things or by holding them back from contributing their special feminine qualities to improve and uplift the collective?

Men and women are two sides of the same coin. One can not exist without the other, yet up until now, our patriarchal society has held the sexes dramatically out of balance. Men, because of their larger physical stature and strength and (alleged) rational thinking process, place themselves in the superior position by subjugating women because of their (alleged) weakness and culpability for the original sin and the fall of man. The biggest insult a man can receive is to be compared to a woman.

Although most women today would abhor to admit this, women are here to take care of men, because frankly, left to their own devices, men would degenerate and fight to self-destruction. Women provide the civilizing element to society. A man can only rise within society with the backing and support of a woman. Good women raise men up and inspire them to be better men, and that's what men need and want from women. That is why men despise 'whores', because their lust and weakness for a scarlet woman brings all men down and debases the love relationship between all men and women.

Men need the support of women their whole lives if they want to function effectively in society. First from his mother, then wife, or girlfriend, or personal assistant. If there is no woman in his life, a man will typically hire a woman to take care of him. Bachelors just need a place to crash until they hook up with a woman. An older man without a woman is a sorry creature.

Marriage was devised by the wisdom of our ancestors for the protection of women, who are the core of the family, which is the foundation of the community. A man can buy a house and father children, but he can't have a home or family without a woman. The concept of family today is quickly being eroded, disabling our society by hacking at the roots of the community.

A single working mom, without the support of a man, trades the time she would otherwise give to her children for money, so she can pay the bills and keep a roof over the kids heads, but no longer has the time to create an effective home or be an attentive mom, and is resented by her children for not being there for them.

What If...?

What if we lived in a world focused on the good of the community, where homes and children belong to women. Residential real estate is no longer a speculative investment. Every house is occupied and the home is owned by the most senior woman in the house. A man leaves his mother's home and moves into his wife's home.

What if housing is provided for everyone and all available houses, condos and apartments are assigned within a co-op.   If you want to move, you list your home as available within the co-op and trade for something else somewhere else.  Men without women live in dorm-type housing or studio apartments designated for men. In common law, possession is nine tenths of the law so no one can be forced out of their homes and no one can occupy more than one house at a time.

What if men and women have separate and distinct roles within the community where the individual is responsible to the community and the community is responsible to the individual.  The women focus on the needs of the individuals within the family and community, and men focus on the protection and improvement of the family and greater community.  A man has a duty to uphold his rights and defend his home and family, but he has a greater duty to uphold the rights of the community and defend all homes and families.

What if there was a coming of age initiatory-type rite for all boys of 13 years where they are trained and then tested on skills they need to perform their duty to society in supporting their community. Boys learn self-defense skills beginning at 7 years old and outdoor survival skills, building and construction skills, emergency response skills, stewardship of land, animal husbandry, agriculture, etc.

What if, as part of the rite, the boys receive a clamped, reversible vasectomy, that comes off when the boy grows to manhood and chooses to commit to a woman and their children. (Imagine all the problems this would solve... no unwanted pregnancies, no abortions, no teen moms, no abused or neglected children.) So rather than a marriage license, the couple gets a family license for a clamp removal.

What if, at the age of 18, all young men and women spend 3 years in a community training program (similar to the Peace Corp or Army Corp of Engineers) to give them practical skills and training, and give them an over view to choose where they want to focus their contribution to community once they come of age.

What if we took back our world from the psychopathic Powers-That-Were who have tried to convince us that their inhumanity must be a part of our humanity, that their greed and selfishness is stronger than our love and compassion. What the world needs now is the balance and guidance of a Benevolent Mother whose all encompassing empathy reaches out to all of her children and saves us from ourselves.

Let it be so.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wisdom Teachings From The Gospel of Kailedy

Wisdom Teachings From The Gospel of Kailedy – The Book of the Illuminator of the Nazarine

Man can break free from the fetters of time, to spread wings of the spirit and fly to eternity, borne upward by an inspirational strengthening out-flowing from God.

May the doorways of your heart be ever open to admit the light of truth and knowledge, that the inner chambers of your being be so enlightened you may there perceive your own soul in the fulness of its glory and power.

What is man? He appears suddenly out of the darkness, entering the light of a well-lit performing arena where, for a brief moment, the role is played. He flashes in an illuminated moment of eternity before vanishing back into the unknown. Briefly, he dances like a shadow cast by flickering candlelight, to merge back with the surrounding darkness where the candle burns no more.

Yet I grieve no more than duly, for his spirit has cast off the restrictions of the body and, taking upon itself a form of glory, flies on ghostly wings to the Circle of Radiance. He has left this dull world of heaviness and is now attired in garments of glory. He has departed to a haven free from the sordidness of earthly struggle. He has flown beyond our sight and hearing, yet he is not far distant, dwelling in the free world of compatible spirits.

Fear no man, especially the rich and powerful, for they live in servitude to their possessions and position. Do not covet riches, for though few men possess them, all who do are not free and are themselves possessed by their wealth.

Charity is giving a hand to a blind man, or soothing the wounds of those smitten by the spirit-strengthening sword of life. It is good to help those in distress or those who cannot help themselves, but sometimes giving does more harm than good. Many give because is eases their conscience or raises their self-esteem. Such giving is not goodness. But when giving entails self-sacrifice, then it is better to give than receive, for the benefit lies in the sacrifice made and not in the thing bestowed.

All things a man possesses, his talents and his skills, are gifts bestowed by the grace of God. The inheritance received by anyone should be regarded as something received in trust, and it is true that if they deal with it wrongfully or selfishly, payment will be required. One of the greatest of life's tests is the challenge of wealth or position, and few are those who successfully meet it. Therefore, do not envy those with wealth and position unless they deal with them wisely; otherwise, pity them, for they have failed to rise above their test.

The rich are responsible for providing the needs of the poor, whether by work or food. This above all is the prime responsibility of wealth. And if a rich man say this he cannot do, then his riches witness against him. For if a poor man have a loaf of bread, he will share it with he who has none; and a beggar at the door of a poor man receives better treatment than he does at the doors of the rich, yet the rich have the most to give. And this is the true sin of the wealthy.

Riches of themselves, are not sinful; it is what they make of men that brings them into ill repute. If they were properly regarded as something permitting the possessor to study the Books of Wisdom and to redress the wrongs of the poor, then they would serve a good end. Let the rich ask themselves with sincerity, 'Am I not wealthy because of my lack of charity and the exploitation of others? Is it not because I love myself more than my neighbor?

A man without the Light places his faith in gold, burying it in the ground so it will support him in adversity. Yet what benefit does it bestow if he never needs it? He worries continually and must be constantly on guard, lest he be robbed. And when he dies his inheritors spend it. Yet by charitable deeds and self-restraint, a greater treasure which cannot be taken by robbers or dissipated by others can be laid up openly and without fear.

Life must be lived to its fulness, and cannot be unless it is utilized to make a beneficial contribution to the lives of others.

In the days of freedom, love dwelt graciously in a house of beauty, erected by the highest aspirations of men. They paid manly homage outside her door, those granted entry displaying justifiable pride in their achievement. Love, for which noble-hearted men and pure women would once have gladly die, now is so frail it withers at the first breath of adversity, or departs at the luring call of lust. Love and beauty are the reflections of God in the mirror of man; but the image once reflected in radiant loveliness is now distorted to ugliness.

To love one another without malice or envy, with goodwill and forbearance... The first step is to love yourself less, and by doing this you will find more love to give. If any say, 'I like being loved', that person is wrong, for rather you should say, 'I like loving'. Do not seek to take love, but to give it; for have I not said it is better to give than to receive?

Strive always to rise above your circumstances, for in striving you gain strength. The man whose path through life has been easy is never as good as one whose path has been difficult. Life has two purposes only: to test and teach; and for that, Earth is perfect.

Love your enemies, but not their faults. Love those who hate you, but concede nothing to their wickedness. Give without expectation of return; then only can you lay claim to goodness and be called a servant of God.

Is not the world a place of temptation so each may discover his own strength or weakness? Untested you can know neither and must always remain in a state of doubt. If uncertainty and doubt were removed from life, then it would be of less value for its purpose. Things are as they are because so they must be.

Words alone or deeds done which benefit no other or purposeless restrictions do not indicate true love of God. Show your love of God by working in his cause and making the world a better place. Do something requiring action where you may risk unpopularity or scorn.

Act toward others as you would have them act towards you, and love your neighbor as yourself. Never utter curses against God or the powers about him, nor speak immodestly to exalt yourself. Do not act fraudulently, and never exaggerate. Always maintain an even temper, and do not act hastily. Never use violence unnecessarily, nor do anything causing unnecessary sorrow. Avoid anything to do with lewdness and obscenity. Commit no slander, and speak no gossip. Never make mischief so strife is brought into the lives of others. Tell no lies. Be humble without being servile, and be clean in all ways. Whatever you do to earn your bread, do to the best of your ability. Fulfill all your daily obligations, and, in the time left to you, serve a cause which is good.

And so it is.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Scroll of Netertat

A far ancient document, possibly ante-deluvian, was rediscovered over two thousand years ago by a priest named Netertat in the Temple of the Seer of Heaven, in late dynastic Egypt. He described it as: “a writing so old that few could be found who knew the nature of its signs...”

This writing has been re-rediscovered as part of a collection of ancient wisdom texts contained in the Kolbrin published in 2005. Called the Scroll of Netertat, chapter seventeen of the Book of Manuscripts, it begins:

The writings of old declare the wisdom of our forefathers, which is the treasure trove of man and the inheritance of our days. Thus it is written:

All things on Earth are compounded of two flowing powers, the right hand power and the left hand power; the first predominates in men and the second in women. Where they fall nearly equal, the being is neither wholly man nor wholly woman.

The Spirit of Life resides in the air men breath and is shared with the beasts, the trees, the things that crawl, the birds, the fishes, the herbs and the grasses. It quickens the living hearts of men and is diffused through the blood of the body.

Man sleeps when his spirit departs for refreshment at the fount of its being. Even as his mortal body must sustain itself with things of the earth, so must his spirit seek sustenance in the place of its being.  In sleeping, the spirit of man departs in part alone, it goes not wholly or as one awakened.

When his God calls him away, his soul goes to the place of decision, where fate is decreed. There, by the underground river, the good are separated from the wicked, but the river is not a river of water. In Dat, all things are made known, and the river is the river of life.

Outside of man, between God and man, is the reflection of God, which men call Nature. It can be disturbed by man and distorted, even as the reflections in a pool of clear water are disturbed by the drop of a pebble.

Nature accords exactly with the greater needs of men, with their desires and beliefs, and with what they have deserved. It is also a modifying force operating upon the conditions of their testing. It is the Breathe of God expressed in living things. It is, to God, as the material web of the spider is to the living thing, they are separate and unalike, yet one.

There is a fine, unbreakable thread, one end of which is secured in the Spirit Center, wherein dwells The Everlasting Being, The Eternal One. The other end is fastened to matter, and between the two is the web of creation spun out of the single thread of invisible substances by the forming power of God.

All that we can know as mortals exists within the sphere of mortality. All was originally compounded from the fiery dust, the first expression of the out-breathing of God, upon which the forming power operated.

As hair grows from the skin of the head, which is nothing like hair; as a tree springs up from the soil, which is nothing like a tree; as the spider spins its web and then withdraws, so does mortal matter come forth from the immortal spiritual substance.

As the shadow is to the object that gives it form so is the material to the spiritual. All things are held together by the spiritual womb-web. The form is there, but the shape is here.

Nature is the Spirit of God manifesting in matter, it is the spiritual form seeking outlet and expression in matter. It is the maker, the means of making and the thing made, though all these activities are in a subordinate capacity.

Spirit is not Nature. Spirit is the source of all consciousness, which experiences both pleasure and pain. The spirit of man, when in contact with Nature, feels the ever changing conditions of Nature.

He who understands that activity anywhere is but the working of Nature and that God oversees this labor, understands the truth. Nature is never still, it is ever moving. Man is a creature bound to things ever changing. On the great scales, he is balanced between the eternal adversaries – good and evil.

At death, the senses perish, but the memory of them endures. The spirit roams the Morningland free, with all its beliefs, its desires and its memories intact. The arisen man awakes as from a brief sleep and finds himself in the Place of Decision; there, a body awaits him, as substantial as the one he has discarded.

And so it is.