Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Manifestation Formula in Twelve Steps

A Twelve Step Program on How to Manifest Your Love Inspired Desire

1. Purpose

When you are tuned into the frequency of the Light from on high, listening to your heart, following your bliss, filled with inspiration, and acting with faith, confidence, and certainty on what your gut instinct knows, what your intuitive mind knows and what your inspired heart knows is your true purpose, the power of the universe supports you in unexpected and wonderful ways. Purpose gives you your why.

2. Thought

Clarity of thought gives you a path. Whatever your innermost dominant thought is focused on is what you attract to you, move towards and become.  Focus your thoughts like a laser point of light on your purposeful goals, objectives, and action steps.

3. Vision

Vision gives you your target. Vision is birthed by memory and imagination. The image in your mind's eye creates your world.

4. Affirmation

Affirmation leads you to a loving feeling for who you are, what you do, and what you have. What you talk about reinforces what you think about; therefore it influences what you bring about.  Affirm your meaningful purpose, not your future fears and past guilts.

5. Feeling

Positive feeling leads you to magnetically attract the perfect people, places, ideas and events that support your love inspired desire. Negative feelings interfere.  What we resist, persists. What we fear draws near. What we regress will progress and be expressed.

6. Writing

Putting pen to paper and writing down a list of action steps that will take you to your inspiration and vision is the first real step in the transformation of your intangible love inspired desire into tangible form.

7. Action

Action is the tangibly activity performed to bring about your love inspired desire.  Whatever you can do, or dream of doing, begin it now.  The boldness to take action has genius, power and magic in it.

8. Energy

Energy and enthusiasm intensifies your actions towards your goals.   To liberate more energy, arrange more order in your thoughts and actions to follow your specific purpose.

9. Matter

Matter is what you apply your action to.  As you resonate in harmony with higher ordered matter, you open yourself to attract, move towards and electro-magnetically phase-lock with the perfect people, places, things and events that are the next level for you to learn to unconditionally love and appreciate what you have now and what is to come.

10. Gratitude

Gratitude is the pathway that opens your heart to the powerful flow of inspiration from on high, gifting you with greater purpose; purer thoughts; brighter, more incredibly vivid vision; stronger, unified love; infinitely more detailed writing; more intense action in the shortest time; higher-powered energy and higher quality and quantity of matter. The greater your inspiration, the higher your self-worth and the higher the altitude of being, in doing and having your experience.

11. Perseverance

Persevere is  holding and maintaining your vision with purpose and expectation continuously before you, with emotion and intent.  That which persists exists, and that which exists, persists.

12. Manifestation

Persevere with your love inspired vision with an intense desire to contribute to the purposeful good, virtue, and beauty of mankind – in greater spheres of time and space than most mortals conceive – and be rewarded greatly with a manifestation of significance and meaning that stands the test of time.

All of this births evermore purpose and gratitude, which drives you to purposefully persevere, and the cycle of manifesting continues infinitely.....

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