Monday, August 4, 2014

Names and Jurisdictions

What Name Are You?

john – quincy: adams =  a living American endowed with all his natural rights 
John Quincy Adams =  a foreign situs trust used in commercial shipping 
JOHN QUINCY ADAMS =  a foreign estate trust
John Q. Adams =  a public transmitting utility company
John q. Adams =  a public foundation
JOHN Q. Adams =  a cooperative
JOHN QUINCY ADAMS =  a boat or ship used in public commerce
JOHN QUINCY Adams =  a commonwealth trust
J. QUINCY Adams =  a slave owned by Exxon Corporation
J.Q. Adams =  a foreign pauper forbidden to own land
Adams, John Q. =  a taxpayer
ADAMS, JOHN Q. =  a soldier
adams, john q. =  a slave

Declare yourself!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Direct Action Units

Common Law Militias to shut down child sacrificial rituals: Instructions for all Direct Action Units

Instructions for Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of the International Common Law Court of Justice

The urgent need to stop the ritual slaughter, rape and trafficking of children, and the refusal of regular police to do so, has compelled the Court to issue a call for a citizens’ militia to halt these crimes. Rituals of the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult scheduled for August 15 at Catholic cathedrals in Montreal and Dublin will be stopped by special Direct Action Units (DAU’s).

The Direct Action Units were mandated by an order of the Court dated June 1, 2014. That mandate reads in part,  “The DAU’s are citizen-based militias whose purpose is:

1. To protect the children of their communities by identifying, arresting and prosecuting child rapists and murderers, and those who aid them, and by permanently banishing such criminals from their communities;

2. To train and mobilize the community to defend itself against threats to their liberty and well being, including by establishing a grass roots intelligence network;

3. To occupy and seize the property and assets of criminal organizations and felons convicted by the Common Law courts;

4. To provide security and protection to the Common Law courts and their officers, and

5. To initiate any other direct actions needed to protect the innocent and the liberties of the people.”

The DAU’s are established by the formation of three or more men or women in a community into a Unit. Each Unit has an elected Commander who overseas the DAU and liaisons with the Central Office. Unlike Court Sheriffs, DAU members require no special training or accreditation, since they are in effect a posse or militia whose purpose is to identify and stop threats to children and the community at large. But the DAU’s will be guided and overseen by trained and professional security personnel.

The DAU’s are in effect the eyes and the arms of the people, watching over and guarding them. As guardians, they monitor crimes, investigate those responsible, and take direct measures to stop them.
The DAU’s are accountable only to the people and to their common law courts, and not to the existing police, de facto courts or governments. They act in unison with the common law courts and sheriffs as their auxiliary arm and militia.

DAU’s now exist in over forty communities in Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Australia. For more information and to join or form a DAU, contact .

Issued by The International Common Law Court of Justice – Prosecutor’s Office
25 June, 2014

The Anti-Pope is Going Down...!

Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation

Important Notice from ITCCS Central and the Common Law Court – June 29, 2014 – Brussels

As the Vatican prepares today for the imminent removal of Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, from his office, two Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of trained security personnel have been dispatched by the Court to Rome and London. Their purpose will be to assist in the apprehending of known child killers associated with the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, including Bergoglio himself.

“We are relying on local common law activists and the public to assist us in stopping these killers before they can harm any more children” announced a DAU commander attached to the Court.

“We have a list of nineteen top catholic and anglican church officers, including three Jesuits, who have participated in these ritual murders during the past year. Our orders are to stop them by any means necessary.”

The London DAU will take measures to halt upcoming sacrificial killings at Carnarvon castle in Wales and Balmoral castle in Scotland involving “royal family” members.

In Canada, DAU members are preparing for a similar action at Marie Reine du Monde cathedral in Montreal, where a major Ninth Circle conclave will be held on August 15.

This action will be accompanied by the proclamation of a sovereign Republic in Canada this autumn by patriots in Winnipeg. The Republic will provide the constitutional basis for the common law courts that are convening across Canada to convict child killers in both church and state.

“Crown and canon law are fraudulent and criminal systems, and so they are inoperative now in our country. We need the rule of law restored” said Colin Sullivan, a member of the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata.

“So we remind every cop, politician and judge in Canada that their oath to that convicted child killer, Queen Elizabeth, is officially null and void, and so they must stand down from their offices. Now they, and every true patriot, can be part of a genuine and lawful nation.”

Groups in eight Canadian provinces and in five indigenous nations are electing delegates to attend the Republic’s founding Convention, in Winnipeg from October 27-31, 2014. Information can be sought at .

A global broadcast of these and other historic developments, including the DAU actions in Rome and London, will be posted on July 10 (Jubilee Day) at .

Issued by ITCCS Central
29 June, 2014 ,



Posted on July 4, 2014
Maine Republic Email Alert
“…That I should bear witness to the truth.” – John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher

RELEASED BY: Admin. David Robinson, 207-798-4695
3 Linnell Circle, Brunswick, Maine, 04011


On June 19, 2014 the organic American states of the Union — known as The United States of America exercising plenary civil power upon the land — issued Orders to all Members of the domestic Police Forces, US Marshals Service, the Provost Marshal, members of the American Bar Association, and the American Armed Services; and Appointed General Carter F. Ham to lead and command The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and its successors under the guidance of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and with their full support.

The Orders stipulated that should it become necessary to suppress commercial mercenary forces operating under the guise of being federal government agencies — including but not limited to the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, etc. — General Ham shall assume immediate command and control of all armed forces and services owed to The United States of America stationed in North America and shall join them under his Command as The Grand Army of the Republic. And that all forces of air, land, and sea are to be employed.

Any cost or loss suffered as a result of deployment of The Grand Army of the Republic shall be charged as previously stipulated.

All effort shall be made by The Grand Army of the Republic to spare life and property while undertaking any action whatsoever within the states of the Union without exception.

The GAR is uniquely enabled by these Orders to operate on the land of the fifty (50) organic states for the purposes of securing the lives and property of the American States and American State Citizens. The GAR is not a foreign army and is composed primarily of American State Citizens.

If they are required to take field positions, the local commanders are ordered to make every effort to communicate the basis of their authority and the reasons for their presence on American State soil to ensure a prompt cessation of hostilities and a widespread understanding of the usurpations and acts of fraud which have led to any conflict.

All parties must be brought to understand the nature of the federal government, the limitations of its authority, and their own obligation to act in favor of the organic states of the Union.
The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) shall continue to operate under General Orders 100 known as the Lieber Code, extant from the pen of the last Republic President, Abraham Lincoln.

No orders, Executive or otherwise, issued by Barack H. Obama pretending authority on the land of the American States while operating as “President” of the UNITED STATES Corporation nor as the “President” of the United States of America, are owed any performance by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Ham, or any Ordinary.

All plainly stated grants of contractual authority evident in The Constitution for the united States of America remain in place, subject to good faith performance of the accompanying obligations and treaties.

Mr. Obama is the “President” of a governmental services corporation under contract to provide stipulated services to the organic states and is on their payroll. He otherwise acts as a foreign dignitary representing the United States of America, Inc. In neither of these capacities is he allowed any granted authority to impose upon American State Citizens, endanger American State property, or command mercenary forces on American State soil — however veiled as federal civilian service agencies.

The Orders require the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General Ham to commence measures to disarm federal civilian agency personnel and to seize control of the vast stockpiles of arms which have been improperly amassed by “the Department of Homeland Security”, FEMA, and other agencies employed by the UNITED STATES.

The only federal agency allowed free egress on the land of the American States is the U.S. Marshals Service, and then only when their personnel are engaged in their duty to protect the U.S. Mail and sworn to act as constitutional officers. All other federal agency personnel are limited to unarmed service until further notice.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff are directed to communicate these General Civil Orders directly to Mr. Obama, the members of the “US Congress”, the administrators of all “federal” agencies, the members of the “Supreme Court” and those acting as “Governors” to compel their rapid understanding and cooperation.

Any expense or damage incurred by these organic states or any American State Citizen as a result of actions undertaken by any federal agency personnel acting as armed mercenaries on American State soil will be understood as the result of violent crimes committed against the peaceful inhabitants of the land and will incur immediate judgment liquidating the assets of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Federal Reserve (FEDERAL RESERVE) in payment of the stipulated reparations. Such crimes shall also be considered contract default increasing the public debt subject to bounty.

Any and all corporate officers of the UNITED STATES or any successor organization(s) inheriting “federal” service contracts who support, condone, or promote such crimes against the American States or against American State Citizens shall be subject to arrest and prosecution for commercial and violent crimes.

All foreign officials operating as elected or appointed officials of the United States of America (minor) who support, condone, or promote such crimes against the American States or against American State Citizens shall be subject to arrest, confiscation of their assets, and deportation to Puerto Rico, Guam, or such other “states” as may be willing to receive them.

Such “foreign officials” include members of the American and British Bar Associations who were licensed to act as privateers against the interests of the American States and the American State Citizens from 1845 to 2013 in flagrant Breach of Trust. All such licenses are now extinguished. Members of the Bar Associations are required to cease and desist assaults against the American States and American State Citizens and shall be subject to arrest, confiscation, and deportation otherwise.

Insomuch as corporate officers operating the United States of America, Incorporated, and the UNITED STATES have contrived under conditions of fraud and semantic deceit to re-venue the estates of the American States and living American State Citizens to the foreign jurisdiction of the United States of America (minor) they are found guilty of capital crimes, including acts of fraud and treason committed between 1933 and 1945, and are condemned posthumously.

Insomuch as elected officials operating the United States of America (minor) have similarly committed war crimes against the American States and their peaceful inhabitants during the same time period, they stand condemned posthumously.

No enforcement upon any American State or American State Citizen is owed as a result of any “Act” of any “Congress” operating as the sovereign government of the United States of America (minor) nor as the Board of Directors or Board of Trustees of any incorporated entity whatsoever.

All those (E)states and ESTATES erroneously believed to represent the American States and American State Citizens and which were conveyed by fraud and legal deceit to the United States of America (minor) and more recently to the City-State of the United Nations, are re-venued without exception to the geographically defined American States and the American State Citizens where they shall remain in perpetuity as assets belonging to the rightful and lawful beneficiaries.

All legal fiction entities however structured and named after the American States and American State Citizens are returned to them and their control, free and clear of any debt, promise, encumbrance or obligation alleged against them as a result of false claims made “in their behalf” by officers of the United States of America, Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC. or by any foreign officials operating the United States of America (minor), or the United Nations City State falsely claiming to “represent” them or have jurisdiction over them.

The current circumstance is in part the result of criminal acts engaged in 150 years ago, which resulted in the commercial enslavement of African Americans who were summarily claimed as chattels backing “US government” debt in the wake of the Civil War. Despite every act of abolition and declaration of prohibition against both peonage and slavery, it has been the policy of the “US government” to enslave its citizens and to operate as a rogue state among the nations of the world.

Instead of freeing African Americans the sum total result of the Civil War was to vastly expand public sector ownership of slaves, giving rise to the outrageous and improper claims that have been made against the American States and the American State Citizens that we are dealing with today.

It is uniquely fitting that The Grand Army of the Republic is recalled to settle this circumstance in favor of the people.
These Orders were addressed to and received by:
Joint Chief of Staff
9999 Joint Staff
Washington, DC 20318 – 9999

7012 3460 0003 4344 3512 – JUN 19 2014

For a more detailed report read:
DISCLOSURE 101: What You Need To Know

Source Link:

Department of Defense Bio for General Carter F Ham

Organizers of County and State Common Law Grand Juries

Monday, April 28, 2014

Land Taxes - A4V and COD


I, Jane-Quinn: Doe, a living soul, over 21 years of age, being competent to testify and having first hand knowledge of the facts herein, declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the united States of America, that the following information is true and correct:

  • Payment of 2012 Taxes and 2011 Tax Lien for parcel number 987654321 was mailed September 16, 2013 to Hoopla County Treasurer (HCT) via USPS Certified Mail Number: 7000 1000 0001 8765 4321, and confirmed as delivered by USPS Delivery Verification at 10:01am September 19, 2013.
  • Payment was made in the form specifically requested by HCT, a money order, a valid negotiable instrument per Uniform Commercial Code Article 3, drawn on a legitimate and open account, tendered in full satisfaction of the claim in the amount of $922.26, sent by the date requested, fully endorsed front and back, all in accordance with UCC § 3-419 and House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933.
  • When I requested notification and verification that the payment was received and properly credited to my account, HCT, in apparent bad faith, would neither confirm nor deny receiving it, addressed unrelated issues, ignored my requests and continued to invoice me for payment with interest.
  • A NOTICE OF DISHONOR AND OPPORTUNITY TO CURE was mailed to HCT October 18, 2013 in which I requested a direct response to my inquiries within 30 days.
  • A letter was received from Mr. Big Mann, Attorney acting on behalf of Hoopla County Treasurer, dated October 30, 2013 in which he addressed an unrelated issue from a previous communication, namely the inapplicability of form 1040-V, which was not included in the mailing of the payment in question as detailed above.
  • A response was mailed back to Mr. Mann, dated November 12, 2013, in which I asked him to rebut or disprove my assertions of fact as detailed in the NOTICE OF DISHONOR, and asked him to respond within 14 days, otherwise the additionally enclosed COURTESY NOTICE would govern the terms of any future communication between our parties. Mr. Mann failed to respond to my request.
  • HCT received a SECOND NOTICE OF DISHONOR, dated November 20, 2013, stating that the only satisfactory remedy to this situation is to confirm the acceptance of the money order as delivered, that the amount of $922.26 is properly credited and applied towards the 2012 property taxes and tax lien on the above mentioned parcel, and the outstanding balance be discharged, with zero owing.
  • In response, Ms Big Wigg, Hoopla County Treasurer sent a letter dated November 26, 2013 stating “Your taxes remain outstanding until the proper form of payment is received.” along with an invoice for $961.27.
  • This letter activated the Terms and Conditions of the COURTESY NOTICE dated November 12, 2013, mailed to Mr. Mann, who was obligated under Principal Agent Doctrine, and as the Attorney for HCT, to notify Ms Wigg of its contents and intent.
  • As a result, an invoice has been generated that holds Ms Wigg, now Respondent, personally liable in the amount of $6,883.81. This invoice will be considered satisfied and the matter resolved only after Respondent provides proof of discharge of said tax lien by or before the invoice due date of January 23, 2014. Otherwise, if Respondent continues illegal collection attempts on behalf of HCT, Proponent will respond with collection efforts in like degree, along with any other means of restitution deemed necessary, until the resolution of this matter is achieved.

Whereas HCT has apparently refused a valid payment instrument per UCC Article 3 § 3-311, Accord and Satisfaction By Use of an Instrument, and;

Whereas HCT has had plenty of opportunity to appropriately address my legitimate requests and provide sufficient verified response to support their position, yet failed to do so, and;

Whereas Ms Wigg is professionally in Breach Of Fiduciary Duty per UCC § 3-307 and personally liable for the invoice generated as detailed in the COURTESTY NOTICE, Terms & Conditions Reference Number: TC-1234567, and;

Whereas I rebut the presumption that Hoopla Country Treasurer has the authority or jurisdiction to impose taxes on my property as a condition of ownership, and;

Whereas I now and here forward claim my right to freehold ownership of the property in question in fee simple absolute, and claim my owner's right-of-use to be free of conditions which HCT is attempting to impose with this tax, and;

Whereas when asked, Mr. Mann failed to produce any evidence of a valid legally binding contract requiring me to pay any amount of money to HCT, and in fact no such contract does nor has ever existed, and;

Whereas Hoopla County Treasurer is in fact a foreclosed entity, as detailed in the COURTESY NOTICE, whose agents are acting illegally under color of law, and who can and will be held personally responsible and liable for their actions, and;

Whereas Maxim of Law states a claim can be resolved only through rebuttal by counter-affidavit point-for-point, resolution by jury or payment, and;

Whereas HCT's rebuttal must be in the form of an affidavit, signed under penalty of perjury as required by the Federal Rules of Evidence and 26 U.S.C. §6065, and;

Whereas an unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in law, and HCT has not provided any verifiable proof of their position nor made any effort to rebut even a single one of my claims, and;

Whereas, without proper response from HCT, Proponent's claims and assertions stand as unopposed statements of fact, and HCT is held in default and estoppel from future action, and;

Therefore, having proven my case, and standing in truth, I seek the resolution of this matter by discharge as herein described.

Further, Affiant sayeth naught.

Copies of Supporting Documents Included:
Invoice dated Dec. 23, 2013; COURTESY NOTICE, dated November 12, 2013; Tax Lien Sale Certificate No. 12,345, Book No. 98, Schedule No. 987654321, printed November 26, 2013; Original money order with payment instructions, dated September 16, 2013.

In light of this dishonor and default, I hereby request your services as a Notary Public for the State of Yours, to evidence the dishonor as outlined above.

Delivered by Certified Mail Number: 7000 1000 0001 8000 9876
Dated: December 23, 2013

By: _____________________________
Jane-Quinn: Doe
Authorized Representative for JANE Q DOE
Mailing Address: Your address, Small Town, AZ 97654

State of Arizona
County of Hoopla

On this, the 23 day of December, 2013, before me, a Notary Public, the undersigned officer, personally appeared Jane Doe, known to me (or satisfactorily proven) to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument, and acknowledged that she executed the same for the purposes therein contained.

In witness hereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seal.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Humans, Sub-Humans and Non-Humans

There are three types of Beings in this world, Humans, Sub-Humans and Non-Humans.

Here's how to identify which one you are. Imagine you are walking down a street and come across a person lying on the side of the road bleeding, what do you do?

If you are Human, you were born with compassion and empathy for other beings, so you go to the persons aid and make sure they get the help they need. When acknowledged for your good deed, you say “anyone would have done the same”.

If you are Sub-Human, you see the injured person, but you pretend not to see them and keep walking. If you aren't too far gone, you call 911, but probably anonymously and once you are clear of the scene.

If you are Non-Human, you see the injured person as an easy mark, so, making sure the coast is clear, you rifle through the victim's pockets, stealing anything of value. If someone catches you in the act, you pretend you were trying to help.

In the real world, we humans want to raise-up the sub-humans and lock-up the non-humans. But in this backwards upside-down world, the non-humans are in power and running the socio-economic world. They are trying to turn humans into subs and subs into nons, and those poor souls who fall for the illusion spun by the nons are lead in the totally wrong direction.

What they don't want us to know is, we don't have to play their game.  We can create a new game, a better game, a plan FOR humanity not AGAINST humanity.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Be Ye a Child of the Light

Turn thy thoughts inward, not outward.
Find thou the Light-Soul within.
Know that thou are the Master.
All else is brought from within.
Grow thou to realms of brightness.
Hold thou thy thought on the Light.
Know thou are one with the Cosmos,
A flame and a Child of the Light.

Seek not the kingdom of shadows,
For evil will surely appear.
For only the master of brightness
Shall conquer the shadow of fear.