Sunday, September 29, 2013

Be Ye a Child of the Light

Turn thy thoughts inward, not outward.
Find thou the Light-Soul within.
Know that thou are the Master.
All else is brought from within.
Grow thou to realms of brightness.
Hold thou thy thought on the Light.
Know thou are one with the Cosmos,
A flame and a Child of the Light.

Seek not the kingdom of shadows,
For evil will surely appear.
For only the master of brightness
Shall conquer the shadow of fear.

Monday, September 23, 2013

THOTH'S Freedom Formula


Seek ye first a place bound with darkness.
Place ye a circle round about thee.
Stand erect in the midst of the circle.
Use thou this formula and thou shalt be free.

Rise thou thine hands to the dark space above thee.
Close thou thine eyes and draw in the Light.
Call to the Spirit of Light through the Space-Time,
Using these words and thou shalt be free:

“Fill thou my body with Spirit of Light.
Come from the Flower that shines through the darkness.
Come from the halls where the Seven Lords rule.
Name them by name, I, the seven: Three, Four, Five,
Six, Seven, Eight and Nine (Dimensions).”

“By their names I call them to aid me, free me and save me,
from the darkness of night: Untanas (3), Quertas (4), Chietal (5),
and Goyana (6), Huertal (7), Semveta (8), and Ardal (9).
By their names I implore thee,
Free me from darkness and fill me with Light.

Know ye, O man, that when ye have done this,
ye shall be free from the fetters that bind ye,
cast off the bondage of the Brothers of Night.
See ye not that the names have the power
to free by vibration the fetters that bind?
Use them as need to free thou thine brother
so that he, too, may come forth from the night.

Excerpt from:
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean
Tablet VI, The Key of Magic.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Facts About ID

There is no law requiring you to carry personal identification.
You can NOT be arrested for not having ID or for not identifying yourself.
Police can NOT demand to see your ID unless they witness you in the commission of a crime (have probable cause).
It is NOT a crime to refuse to reveal your identity, but it is a crime to give a false identity.
There is no specific requirement for the type of ID that can be used.
Drivers license must be carried only while driving. (State licenses for operation of motor vehicles, see FREEDOM FROM FICTION.)