Friday, July 5, 2013

Open Call To All Heros In The Making

How To Be A Hero

Hero vs Villain:
A villain is someone who pursues their own selfish interests at the expense of others.
A hero is someone who is willing to risk their own self interests for the welfare of others.

We are all here in this schoolhouse called earth, learning the lessons of life, not to make lots of money and acquire more than we need to the detriment of others, but to look after and take care of each other, doing for someone or something other than ourselves, learning to balance giving and receiving with doing and being.

Greed and selfishness wants us to believe that there is never enough - money, power, resources - that its a dog eat dog world, so we must take as much as we can for ourselves first and only, and die with the biggest pile of toys.

Greed and selfishness wants us to believe that, when we have more than we need, we need more, more, more than we have, and to get it, others must go with less, less, less, or without.

The truest test of our humanity is how much compassion and empathy we have for our fellow humans and how much we are willing to do to alleviate the pain and suffering of others.

Is it ok to profit from someone else's misfortune? (i.e.: Buying foreclosed properties)

Is it ok for the strong to exploit the weak? (If they are dumb enough to believe the con...)

Is it ok to hurt someone or take their stuff if it's “nothing personal, just business”?

Is it ok to buy cheap foreign products made by forced child labor, so long as they're not 'your' kids getting hurt?

When did pieces of paper with numbers on them become more important than human lives?

If we participate in, contribute to, and profit from a system that we know/believe to be corrupt and rotten to the core, a system that exploits and abuses our fellow humans at all levels around the globe, a system that rewards and encourages greedy and selfish behavior - what does that say about us who allow it to perpetuate?

Let us all become the Heros we were born to be.

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