Friday, April 26, 2013

Transmuting Greed and Selfishness Into Love and Compassion

Greed and selfishness has infected our society like an evil virus, polluting the human population with its poisonous venom. So many of our government and corporate leaders, who claim to work on behalf of the people, are seduced and intoxicated by status, money and power. It has become so common we almost begin to imagine this as acceptable, even desirable behavior.

Today's 'looking glass' version of our socio-economic system encourages and rewards self-serving and manipulative activity, while presenting an illusion of fairness with oversight. The more covetous and greedy someone is, the more the financial system rewards them. The more cunning and devious, the higher they rise within the halls of power and status.

It seems the inmates are running the asylum and a person literally needs to possess a psychopathic personality to become a high level “public servant”, or a multi-national corporate director. Too many of our fellow humans are willing to lie, cheat, steal and even kill for money. We are destroying our planet for larger digits in our bank account and a greater return on investment.

This may be how things are now, but it's not how it was meant to be. It may seem that the black hats are winning the game of life, but those of us white hats have an ace in the hole called LOVE. God is Love. Love is Truth. Love never loses. Greed, fear and selfishness tremble and quake at the foot of Love, and Love forgives them. Love is the salve that heals all wounds. Circumstances will change for the better when we refocus our attention on Love.

Love and compassion for our fellow human is the vaccination, remedy and cure for this and all dis-eases. We become more loving and compassionate by shifting our focus just a little bit away from ourselves and a little more towards those around us, loved ones, family, neighbors, our community.

Giving those things we wish to receive ourselves is the only True Way to live in balance on this planet. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. One can not exist without the other and both are just degrees of the same thing - cooperation, an exchange of energy.

We can neither give too much nor take too much without eventually having to come back into balance. A balanced society where everyone is giving and receiving creates the world of peace and plenty we all desire. It is as easy as: Treat others the way you want to be treated; Do No Harm; and, Honor all your agreements.

Reset your priorities and open your heart to others. Remove your mental focus away from what you don't want and shift your attention and energy towards the way you do want things to be. All things in the material world are Expressed into creation as a result of thoughts that are Impressed in our minds.

Thoughts are things. Thoughts direct energy. Where attention goes, energy flows. The more intense the emotions behind the thought, the stronger the creative energy and the faster things manifest from a thought idea into the material world. Keep it positive. Make it count.

How Do You See The World?

The greedy and selfish see a world of lack, scarcity and competition, where they feel compelled to accumulate more than their basic needs require, and are always seeking more, more, more. They live in a dog-eat-dog world where they must fight to keep what they have at all cost, while turning a blind eye to those around them who suffer lack and privation.

They have the ability to help others but don't even consider it, because they secretly fear others who have less than them covet what they have, and will undoubtedly try to steal it somehow, so they must hold on to their possessions with all their might. Possessed by their possessions, they believe others are selfish and greedy just like them, isn't everyone? And only those willing to get ahead at the expense of others will win.

Love chooses to see a world full of wonder and beauty, where the bounty of earth provides for the needs of all of her denizens and is shared by all. A world of abundance and prosperity, where everyone respects the rights of others. Where each individual helps another and contributes their special talents and abilities to the benefit of the collective. It is in this way that no one lacks the basic requirements of life – clean water, fresh air, wholesome food, the security of a home, and access to earth-friendly sanitation, communication, transportation, education and healthcare – and no one has too much or too little.

Love and compassion creates a world where we all acknowledge that everyone is a spark of the Divine temporarily inhabiting a material body, which will eventually wear out and return to the earth at our death, while the Divine spark that is our soul returns to its Creator.

Upon our return to the divine sphere, we each must account for how we conducted ourselves during this short sojourn we call life on earth.  No one gets out alive, and no deed, good or bad, goes unnoticed.  How we treated others in this life is how we will be treated in the next. The ancient Egyptians believed, after death their hearts were weighed on a scale against a feather.  Everyone strove to have a heart as light as a feather, not weighed down by the sin and evil that is greed and selfishness. 

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