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Lessons of Herthew, First Hero of the Noble Race

Lessons of Herthew, First Hero of the Noble Race, Son of the Firstfather Dadam, as taught by Habaris, after being expelled from the lushlands.
Book of Creation, from the Great Book of the Sons of Fire

Herthew learned:

There is a place of gloom, where the air is foul, and malodorous breezes carry pestilence and poisonous particles. This is the source of all maladies and ailments and of the things which cause putrefaction and decay. This place had been closed off from Earth, for it existed in another realm beyond the ken of mortals; but it was brought into attunement with Earth when a forbidden act was accomplished.

Lack of effort, indolence and indifference to duty and obligations, the taking of the easy path, are just as wrong as actual deeds of wickedness.

Men reach the true goal of life by transmuting lust love into truelove, and true victory is gained only over the defeated bodies of their vanquished passions and baser selves.

There is an Oversoul which fills everything in creation, as the Soulself fills the mortal body. The Soulself develops from mortal sensitivity and feeling transmuted into divine sensitivity and feeling, through suppression of the baser instincts within mortals. It is strengthened by development of feelings of love between man and woman and between these and their kindred by the appreciation of beauty and devotion to duty, and by the development of all beneficial qualities that pertain to humanity.

The Soulself is quickened by soul substances outflowing from the Godhead. The strong soul is transformed and molded to the soul's desire, but the weak soul is not its own master; it is flabby, unstable and is pulled into a state of distortion by its own vices.

In the afterlife there is unbounded joy for the entry of a noble soul; it will glow with splendor and stand out proudly. The mean soul of the wicked is dull-hued, twisted and drab, and being drawn towards its own compatible state, it shrinks into dark places.

Beyond God there is an Absolute which no man should try to understand, for it exists and has always existed in a state beyond man's finite comprehension. It is from this Absolute that God, The Ultimate in all Perfections, was engendered.

From Awenkelifa flows Gwinin, the energizer which stabilizes all things so they maintain their proper form and Awen, which responds to the molding desires.

To create, God first visualized in thought, then he produced an outflowing wave of power, which in a manner of speaking, solidified what might be called building stones (atoms, molecules). The outflowing power also produced a Celestial Hymn (sound vibration), which brought the building stones together in harmonious forms.

All creation is the harp of God, responding to his song and manipulations. It is an everlasting unfoldment. The voice of God can also be heard in the voice of his beautiful daughter who endows all living things with life and beauty (Gaia).

There is a divine purpose in creation, known only to a few. This knowledge is the key to all unanswered questions. Acquiring it is like the drawing back of a heavy curtain which has kept a room in gloomy half light, so all things suddenly become clear and distinct. He who gains this knowledge knows the Grand Secret, the answer to the riddle of the ages, and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt.

God gains nothing from His creation, except that as a Being possessing infinite love and goodness. He must have something to receive the gift of love and respond to it. Also, He needed something wherewith He could contrast himself, some medium wherein He could perform, and this is creation. Creation is also, for mortals, the school of life. The training ground for godhood.

Regarding the Otherworld, there are three rays from the central invisible sun, which manifest all things, upholding them in stability of form.

There are three circles of reality, three realms, three stages of existences. They are:

Heaven, where perfection visualized on earth may be realized and desires and ideals materialized; where hard-striven-for aspirations are attained; it is the place where all the properly developed spiritual potential latent in man reaches maturity and fulfillment. (Fifth dimension)

Earth, the place of training, development and preparation, the testing ground, the battlefield where men discover their true natures when confronted with life's challenges, contests and contentions; where competition and controversy are the rule. It is here that the proper road must be wisely chosen. (Third dimension)

Then there is the Realm of the Misty Horizon, the intermediate place, the place of spirits, where those above can commune with those below and where free spirits wander within their limitations. (Fourth dimension)

And so it is.

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