Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh Great Spirit Creator

Oh Great Spirit Creator,
Supreme Craftsman of Heaven, Earth and the multiple spheres,
grant me the moral fortitude to always remain loyal to Your cause.
Grant that, day by day I grow ever more worthy,
and so dedicate and devote this life to the service of mankind,
and the completion of God's purpose for humanity,
so that I may forever walk in the light of Truth.
Grant me wisdom and knowledge to follow the path of diligence.
Give me the strength to uphold the Law,
so that, by my own effort,
I may awaken within me the beauty and wonder of my true spirit-self.
Lord, add Your power to my weakness,
that I may overcome all selfish motivations and unworthy desires.
Help me tame and control any tendency toward anger, greed and self-pity.
Protect me against the evils of prejudice, malice and jealousy.
Give me the ability to see with the eyes of compassion,
understanding the defects and shortcomings of my brothers and sisters,
and help me to completely forgive those who have caused me harm,
so that I too might also be forgiven.

Oh Great Spirit Creator,
Reveal to us Your supreme nature,
and let Your divine truth rule,
on earth and in our hearts.
Let us rejoice in earth's abundance that sustains us,
and show us the same compassion we offer to others.
Give us the strength to endure life's challenges,
and protect us from evil,
leading us always along a higher path,
that unites us all in Love.

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