Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Power to Change Your Mind

Change your mind, change your life.  Change your life, change the world.

Having learned from years of personal experience working in sales, the motivation behind your actions determines your experience of an event and strongly influences the outcome. By adjusting your attitude towards any given situation, you can influence reactions to get different, more favorable results. It's all really just a mind set.

For example:
As a sales person, you can sell a product for a corporation and get paid by them after the sale is made, preferably the most expensive product with the largest commission...
You can help a customer buy, by asking what they want and need, then fulfilling that need and getting compensated for helping them.

The activity is the same but the motivation is different. Gone are the days of fast talking used car salesmen who knowingly sells lemons, or the slick sales guy who can sell ice to Eskimos (read 'something they don't want or need').

The smart sales person knows that it is the customer, not the corporation, who actually controls the situation. They make the buying decisions and provide the payment. Therefore, by focusing on the individual customer and catering to their needs, all parties are satisfied. The corporation sells a product, the sales person gets paid and the customer gets the products that they want. The key is asking the right questions and acting on the answers.

In the same way, we need to change our minds towards how we interact with each other and how we feel and respond to “The Powers That Were” (PTW)/authority figures.

We have been wrapped up in a slavery monetary system for so long, all we have ever done is think of ourselves as debtors and payment slaves, rather than as creditors and master creators as we truly are, and have always been. All we need to do is adjust our mental perspective, change our minds, and be who we are, standing in our personal power.

By using their own system against them, the OPPT UCC filings have literally liberated us from the fictional slave system we have been living under for generations and have released each of us into our own recognizance. We now live in a world under full personal liability and responsibility, which gives us back the ability to respond. We are the true creditors and masters of ourselves, our lives and the system, which was created to Serve Us!

So it no longer matters what an individual standing behind a defunct corporate fiction logo says you must pay or do. You decide. They have no authority over you unless you agree, and of course they want you to agree to their terms, but you must remember you can create and agree to your own terms, and your position is just as valid as theirs because each of us as individuals have equal value and standing under Universal law. No one can be bound to someone or something they don't want and never agreed to.

Under common law and Universal law you are your own master, so long as you honor all contracts that you knowingly and willingly entered into, and you Do No Harm to another or damage their property. No harm, no foul; no injured party, no crime.

The OPPS Courtesy Notice is a brilliant document which can be customized and used for almost any circumstance where someone, anyone is demanding payment or action from you on behalf of a foreclosed-on fictional corporation. This document puts the power to control the situation directly back into the hands of the people. There is no fictional corporation which exists only on paper that has any power over you, no matter what they say.

Stand in your power, knowing you are the master of your life experience. Learn how all this applies to you. Understand what constitutes a valid contract and how the administrative process works to resolve differences, and reclaim your personal power!

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