Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Humans, Sub-Humans and Non-Humans

There are three types of Beings in this world, Humans, Sub-Humans and Non-Humans.

Here's how to identify which one you are. Imagine you are walking down a street and come across a person lying on the side of the road bleeding, what do you do?

If you are Human, you were born with compassion and empathy for other beings, so you go to the persons aid and make sure they get the help they need. When acknowledged for your good deed, you say “anyone would have done the same”.

If you are Sub-Human, you see the injured person, but you pretend not to see them and keep walking. If you aren't too far gone, you call 911, but probably anonymously and once you are clear of the scene.

If you are Non-Human, you see the injured person as an easy mark, so, making sure the coast is clear, you rifle through the victim's pockets, stealing anything of value. If someone catches you in the act, you pretend you were trying to help.

In the real world, we humans want to raise-up the sub-humans and lock-up the non-humans. But in this backwards upside-down world, the non-humans are in power and running the socio-economic world. They are trying to turn humans into subs and subs into nons, and those poor souls who fall for the illusion spun by the nons are lead in the totally wrong direction.

What they don't want us to know is, we don't have to play their game.  We can create a new game, a better game, a plan FOR humanity not AGAINST humanity.

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